Graduating from Medical School and Hightailing it to New Zealand.

I’ve recently been looking towards the future and have come to the conclusion that as much as I love the UK I will want a change of scenery by the time I graduate. Hell, I’d be happy for a change of scenery right now.

It’s a long way off, and I imagine I will complete my foundation years here in the UK to allow me to return should I want to but I am sorely tempted to head off to NZ once I graduate.
I have looked into the USA and Canada but from things I’ve heard it seems incredibly difficult to get a training post out there. In NZ things are apparently easier and to be perfectly honest who wouldn’t want to live in a country that seems to have its work-life balance way more sorted than most other places.

Obviously this may be subject to change as I may meet someone and decide to settle down here in the UK, but I can’t help but be tempted by the more peaceful, less crowded and frankly beautiful country that is New Zealand.

It’s a dream and probably a wild one which will never happen but at the moment it is something that I’m really considering. If anyone has done this, what was it like? How did you find the process? I’m struggling to find clear, concise information about the requirements and how to go about moving over. It would be wonderful to hear from someone who has done this and who could shed some light.

Enough daydreaming for one day. I should really hit the books to make sure I get to graduation let alone to NZ!


  1. This is something I want to do, when I finish foundations years I want to move to Canada and eventually settle down and live there! Although I haven’t actually gotten into medical school yet (a year or so away), I know that is my definite plan and I hope its not too difficultxP



    1. Fair enough! I’ve heard Canada is difficult for IMG’s so as much as I’d like to go I’m thinking of trying elsewhere first – such as New Zealand 🙂 Have you applied for medical school yet? 🙂



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