Radio Silence

I’d like to first start out this post by apologising for the radio silence over the last few months (is it that long? I’ve lost track) but I’ve been stressed with exams and deadlines.

On the plus side exams are now done which is a wonderful feeling (sorry to all of you who are still going… keep on trucking!). I have made full use so far of my free weekend with much wine and fun. I went to a cider festival yesterday at my favourite club and spent 12 hours there in a mission to win a gold card which gets me in free for the next year. I am pleased to report that the mission was successful and I am now the happy owner of a card that I probably won’t have time to use next year. Well done me. But the day was really fun so no regrets.

And I’m done with the second year of medical school. All that stands between me and a summer back at camp in America is a couple of weeks of workshops on my dissertation for next year. I can’t believe how quickly these past two years have flown. It’s also extremely scary that we have now had most of our teaching, it’s pretty much clinical from here on out! I’m very excited to leave lectures behind actually; they get very tedious after a while.

Onto the next challenge which is my research project. I’m conducting mine in colorectal cancer and looking at liver metastases and their gross characteristics and how this influences survival. It’s going to be exciting and scary to write a research paper but thankfully my supervisor is wonderful and extremely helpful. So the next two weeks involve putting all the applications etc in for the project and learning about how to do all the statistical analysis that I’ll need. Fun, fun, fun! But there is also a lot to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.

I’m involved in a 24 hour show which is exactly as it sounds; we find out, rehearse and perform the show within 24 hours. I intend to document it on this blog because I think it will be highly amusing to watch me deteriorate as I get more and more sleep deprived but I guess it’s good practice for future night shifts! So look out for that, there will probably be multiple snapchat photos involved in the telling.

Then I’m off to America so there won’t be much occurring, though I will be filling in with anecdotes from working at camp when I get back. Then it’s onto the research project and finally clinical years where I’ll hopefully have some interesting stories to tell via the old blogosphere.

Anyway, I am rather enjoying my lazy Sunday in bed so I’ll be off on that note. I’ll try and avoid the radio silence in future. Good luck to anyone still with exams, whatever the level!

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