Christmas is Nearing!

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Christmas holidays, on the one hand, the tinsel covered festive hand, I love Christmas because I get to spend time with my family and eat nice home cooked meals for once. On the other, pen covered hand, shrewn with paper cuts it is the time of revision and more revision in prep for January exams.

I’m sure most people with January exams will agree that it is really hard to enjoy Christmas to its full extent due to the never ending feeling of guilt that follows you everywhere when you aren’t working. Even on Christmas day I fell guilty which is ludicrous, and have been known to ram in a little bit of revision on Christmas day itself in the mornings whilst waiting for my teenage brother to surface from his duvet cocoon.

This year though it’s sure to be even worse because coming up in Jan are the exams that are notoriously the ones that people at my medical school are most likely to fail simply because of the volume of neuroanatomy we are expected to know. I have been trying to start revision now but with all the secret santas to organise and the shows I’m directing/am in and auditions coming up I just have no time.

Lets hope I get the balance right! Good luck to everyone else starting your revision – you’re not alone in your pain!

And Merry Advent!

(Still need to get myself an advent calender – the picture of organisation as ever.)