Results and still no time!

So results came out… (they actually came out a while ago but I am too unorganised and didn’t write a post about them!)

I imagine you’re curious to know how I did?

I PASSED! With pretty good marks actually, averaging 83% on Neuro and 70% on Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Renal (not bad considering I did next to no revision for that particular paper).

So I’m really pleased. All my friends also passed which is wonderful and we had celebratory wine/ice cream night but are yet to go out to celebrate because none of us have any time at the moment. (Though we did go to Turtle Bay for lunch and cocktails the other day so I guess that mildly counts.)

I have also confirmed details of my project and am pretty much sorted for my return to America which is incredibly exciting! ┬áThere is still so much going on at the moment though with the medical school piling on the deadlines, the usual burden of a medical degree and the two shows that I am involved in, I am metaphorically dying under the weight of my commitments. But I’m also having so much fun at the moment! In rehearsals we have a lot of banter and moral boosting things like all dancing to the Cha Cha Slide in the middle of a rehearsal for no other reason than because we want to. Lectures are also pretty interesting at the moment. We’re looking at reproductive function so all of the gags and innuendos from our lecturers vastly lighten the mood on those days when it’s just lecture after lecture. I cannot wait for clinical years now, lectures are getting a bit tiresome and it’s always nice to get out on the wards/gp surgeries and meet actual patients and learn skills that we’ll be using in the future.

On that note, I have another rehearsal to go to so I’ll be leaving things there – I hope anyone else who had results in Jan/Feb was happy with them and for those of you with impending deadlines/midterms – all the best!